Takase-Ejiri-Tsujii Laboratory specializes in fusion-oriented high-temperature plasma research. Reseaech topics include turbulence and self organization, wave heating and current drive, particle and energy transport and their reduction, MHD instabilities and their stabilization, and R&D of plasma diagnostics.

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General News Photo of the week
  • 6/9: Briefing of enreance exam. (Dep. complexity science and engineering)
  • 5/30:Welcome BBQ(in Kashiwa Campus)
  • 5/25-26:Briefing of entrance exam.(Dep. physics)
  • 5/19:Briefing of entrance exam. (Dep. complexity science and engineering)
  • 4/28:Welcome party at Prof. Takase's home
  • 4/26:Welcome BBQ party
  • 4/3: Guidance for newcomers
  • 4/2: Cherry blossom viewing party #2
  • 3/27:Cherry blossom viewing party #1
  • 3/23: Graduation ceremony
5/30: Welcom BBQ
Research News Slide
  • 6/1:Dr. O. Watababe join us
  • 5/19FJ. Allen from The Univ. York (-7/14)
  • 4/2: J. Rice from New Zealand
  • 4/1: N. Tsujii promoted to Lecturer